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Sacher Torte (contains egg) 750gms

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In the year 1832, the Chancelor of Vienna, Prince Klemens von Metternich was in a dilemma when the gratuity to please his royal guests overcame the better of him. As fate would have it & of all the bad times, this day couldn't get any worse as the Chancelor's Head Pastry Chef fell sick ! Naturally this enormous responsibilty was handed down to the Head Chef's Apprentice, a 16-year old boy called Franz Sacher, who, under all this tremendous pressure and after hearing the exact warning words from the Prince which went like, " I hope you won't disgrace me tonight " , still managed to create an impressive masterpiece of concoctions, pleasing the Prince and which would leave an everlasting impression for centuries to come !

This Classic Dessert, later named after its inventor, Franz Sacher, came to be known as "Sacher-Torte" and is a sacred antique passed down from generation to generation in Vienna. But the Original Recipe is Hotel Sacher's best kept secret and protected with a trademark still !

Oven Fresh's Sacher-Torte is made with two layers of spongy Chocolate Dacquoise in between which delectable Apricot Jam is spread and ultimately glazed with Belgian Chocolate Ganache making it a flavourful replica of Sacher's Invention ! Finally garnished with pure chocolate & cocoa powder, this Torte is ready to reach your doorstep in a jiffy !

Our Chef's take on this vintage cake will make your mouth melt with relief & leave you craving for more !

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It is a very rich, thick cake, alternating flavours of chocolate and slightly tart apricot jam. Other websites recommend havin...

July 06, 2021


This is an absolutely matured taste cake .Awesome Ovenfresh !!!!!!

August 10, 2021

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