Venetian Verdure


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Like the colourful and lively city of Venice, Italy, the Venetian Verdure is a lush and vibrant arrangement of the finest and freshest greens and herbs. Sage, basil, thyme, and rosemary are just some of the greens in this bouquet’s beautiful assortment.

The herbs in the Venetian Verdure aren’t just pretty to look at; their fragrant, earthy aroma is what really sets the atmosphere. Sage and basil contribute a mild herb sweetness, while thyme and rosemary give off a woodsy, comforting fragrance. The beautiful arrangement is finished off with the addition of wildflowers.

With the Venetian Verdure, you can bring the outdoors in and appreciate nature’s splendour no matter the weather. This beautiful bouquet will brighten up any room when placed in a vase and placed on a windowsill, table, or mantel. If you know someone who enjoys the outdoors and life’s simpler pleasures, this is the perfect present for them.

The Venetian Verdure, like the city that inspired it, is a riot of colour and life that will brighten any space with its cheerful celebration of the natural world.

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