Special Breath of the Wild

“Bring the magic of Hyrule to life with the Special Breath of the Wild Flower Bouquet.”


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This one-of-a-kind and exquisite bouquet, named “Special Breath of the Wild,” features the world’s most exquisite and rare blooms. This beautiful flower arrangement was inspired by the popular video game “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” and its many unique blooms pay homage to the game’s most memorable characters and locations.

Magical properties have long been attributed to the Hylian Shroom, also known as the Magic Mushroom. Its use in the game to renew stamina and health makes it a metaphor for rebirth and revitalization. The Hylian Shroom is paired with the Silent Princess, a fragrant purple flower thought to grant wishes and bring happiness, in this bouquet.

The Safflina is another rare bloom included in the arrangement. The delicate yellow petals of this sunny-looking flower represent optimism and a bright outlook. The Safflina is a symbol of power and resilience because it is used to improve weapons and armour.

The Special Breath of the Wild flower arrangement is a work of art, with each bloom chosen and placed with great care. Whether you’re a sports fan or just love flowers, this arrangement will make an impression. The Special Breath of the Wild flower arrangement is a beautiful way to express your feelings of love, gratitude, or just to make someone’s day.

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