Red Velvet Cookies (Eggless)

“Healthy indulgence in every bite – Sugar-free multigrain cookies.”

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Popular and tasty, red velvet cookies are ideal for any celebration. Your taste buds will be delighted by the deep red colour and soft, cake-like texture of these biscuits.

Cocoa powder, the main component that gives red velvet cookies their characteristic colour and flavour, is a fundamental component. Butter, sugar, eggs, and flour are also included, as well as a small amount of vanilla extract and red food colouring.

Before being baked in the oven, red velvet cookie dough is normally formed into balls and flattened. As a result, the cookie has a slightly crunchy outside and an interior that is soft and chewy.

For more sweetness, cream cheese frosting or powdered sugar are sometimes used as toppings on red velvet cookies. These are ideal for birthday celebrations, holiday parties, and other special events.

Traditional chocolate chip cookies are given a fun and festive makeover with red velvet cookies, which also stand out for their stunning red hue. These cookies are likely to become a family favourite, whether you eat them by themselves or with a glass of cold milk.