Petal Flower With Champagne (Non-Alcoholic)

“Experience the effervescence of flowers with every sip.”


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A wonderfully created beverage, The Petal Flower with Champagne (Non-Alcoholic), combines the delicate scent of flowers with the rich, sparkling flavor of champagne. For those who would want to enjoy the elegant flavor of champagne without the alcohol content, this non-alcoholic version of the traditional beverage is ideal. Fresh flower petals, natural extracts, sparkling water, and other high-quality natural components are used to make the beverage. The outcome is a light and energizing beverage with delicate floral undertones and effervescence that satisfies the senses. Whether it’s a special event like a wedding or a party, The Petal Flower with Champagne (Non-Alcoholic) is the ideal drink. Your guests will be impressed by this classy and sophisticated beverage and will want more.