Multigrain Bread, Methi Khari , Almond Biscotti , Pure Butter Almond Cake(Contains Egg), Butter Croissants(2pcs)

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For those seeking a nutritious and wholesome bread option, our multigrain bread is a great choice. This bread, which is made from a combination of whole grains and seeds, has a robust, nutty flavor and is high in fiber.

Our Methi Khari is a fenugreek leaf-flavored puff pastry that is salty and crispy. These nibbles are ideal as a light appetizer or quick snack.

Our Almond Biscotti are Italian cookies that are crisp and crunchy and are ideal for dipping in coffee or tea. These cookies have a delicate and nutty flavor because they are made with almonds and a tiny bit of vanilla.

Rich and decadent, our Pure Butter Almond Cake is the ideal dessert for any celebration. This cake has an exquisitely nutty flavor and a soft, moist crumb since it is made using premium butter and almonds.

Our Butter Croissants are a traditional French pastry with a flaky and delicate texture that are baked with butter. You can eat these croissants for breakfast or as a snack.