Methi khari (Eggless)

“Indulge in the aromatic and flavorful Methi Khari – the perfect snack for any time of day!”


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Indian savoury biscuits called methi khari are seasoned with dried fenugreek leaves, commonly known as methi. Layers of buttery dough are folded and rolled numerous times to produce the delicate texture of these crispy and flaky biscuits.

Our Methi Khari has a delightful and aromatic flavour since it is produced with premium quality ingredients and cooked to perfection. The biscuits have a distinctive, slightly bitter flavour that goes great with tea or coffee thanks to the use of dried fenugreek leaves.

This Methi Khari Box of Biscuits makes a wonderful present for any occasion or can be shared with friends and family. To ensure optimal freshness and flavour, each biscuit is individually wrapped.

Try our Methi Khari today and discover the ideal harmony of spices and crunch if you’re seeking for a savoury snack that’s full of flavour and texture.