Elaichi nankhatai (Eggless)

“Experience the rich, nutty flavor and fragrant aroma of India with our Elaichi Nankhatai cookies – a delicious treat for any occasion!”

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Popular Indian cookies called Elaichi Nankhatai are prized for their crumbly texture and rich, nutty flavour. It is a basic shortbread cookie composed with flour, sugar, ghee, and ground cardamom as its main ingredients.

Little, bite-sized cookies are made from the combined dough, which is then baked until it turns a light golden brown hue. The end result is a cookie with a deep, nutty flavour that is matched by the fragrant flavour of cardamom, which is crispy on the exterior and crumbly on the inside.

India’s favourite cookie, Elaichi Nankhatai, is frequently consumed with a cup of hot tea or coffee. It is also a well-liked snack on holidays and other special occasions.

These cookies are simple to make and a wonderful homemade treat. These cookies are extremely distinctive and special because of the rich flavour of ghee and the aromatic scent of cardamom.

For everyone who enjoys the flavour of classic Indian desserts, Elaichi Nankhatai is a tasty and flavorful delight. These cookies will quickly gain popularity among all cookie enthusiasts due to their delicate texture and aromatic aroma.