Chocolate Desire Cake with 99.9 % Gold Varak (Eggless)

Satisfy your sweet cravings with the ultimate indulgence of our Chocolate Desire Cake, topped with 99.9% pure gold varak.

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We at Oven Fresh pictured a crowned Prince of Chocolate Cakes & made our most royal cake ever. Even the chocolate used in this cake is known to be the richest, purest & most exotic chocolate nurtured on this planet, the St. Domingue’s Chocolate from the divine land of Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo farms the most righteous Cocoa Beans so noble in its flavour & percentage of Cocoa, the chocolate made from these beans is exorbitant. Our Chocolate Desire Cake is a mix of all things chocolate milk chocolate & almond shell is coated over Toffee-Caramel Sponges smeared with Pista Butter-Cream, making it a centre-filled delight of surprise around which two layers of fluffy Dacquoise sponges are set concentrically and a godly layer of St. Domingo’s Chocolate Ganache is spread in between them. For the finishing touch we topped the outer Dacquoise layers with Choux Buns piped with smooth St. Domingo’s Chocolate Ganache and put swirls of Chocolate Mousse too. Pure gold varak is leafed over this cake for a gleaming lustre to our Royalty Standards.

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