Choclate and hazelnut cookies (Eggless)

“Indulge in the rich, chocolatey goodness of our Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies – a perfect treat for any chocolate lover!”


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Cookies made with chocolate and hazelnuts are a traditional pairing of two opulent and indulgent flavours. These cookies have a deep, chocolatey flavour with a crunchy texture from the hazelnuts and are made with premium ingredients like flour, cocoa powder, sugar, butter, and roasted hazelnuts.

Before baking to perfection, the cookie dough is combined and formed into bite-sized balls. The end result is a richly chocolate-flavored, chewy cookie with a lovely crunch from the hazelnuts.

For chocolate fans, chocolate and hazelnut cookies are a favourite treat that are ideal as a dessert or afternoon treat. At parties and celebrations, they are also a common addition to the dessert tables.

These simple to prepare cookies can either be eaten right out of the oven or kept for later use in an airtight container. For anyone who like the flavour combination of chocolate and hazelnuts, they also make wonderful gifts.

Overall, chocolate and hazelnut cookies are a tasty and filling treat that will appeal to everyone with a sweet appetite. They are the ideal accent to any dessert table or gift basket thanks to their rich, chocolatey flavour and crisp texture.