Brown Bread, Milk Rusk, Milk Cake Methi Khari, Nankhatai,

“Experience the authentic flavors of India with our delectable baked goods assortment.”


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This mouthwatering collection of baked goods is the ideal mingling of savory and sweet treats. Freshly baked brown bread, milk rusk, milk cake, flaky and flavorful methi khari, and crumbly and buttery nankhatai are all included in the set.

The brown bread is flavorful and soft, making it ideal for sandwiches or a snack with butter and jam. A favorite Indian snack with a crispy texture and savory milk flavor is the milk rusk. The milk cake is a delicious dessert or snack that is moist, sweet, and has a light milk flavor.

Methi khari, a savory and flaky pastry with a flavorful blend of spices and fenugreek leaves, is made in India. The nankhatai are buttery and crumbly cookies that are typically flavored with cardamom or other spices. They are made with flour, butter, and sugar.

This assortment of baked goods is ideal as a gift for a special someone or as a teatime snack. To assure the greatest taste and highest quality, each item is carefully wrapped and freshly baked.