Ambrosial Ecstasy (Eggless)

“Indulge in divinebliss with Ambrosial Ecstasy cake.”

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One of our most exclusive gourmet cakes with the signature taste of the most real divine Chocolate made from the finest Cocoa Beans of the Santo Domingo Valley. Made from three layers of Chocolate Dacquoise Sponge, where each sponge is uniquely finished with different layers of goodness. The bottom-most sponge is coated with a seasalt caramel mix complimenting the fine Santo Domingo Chocolate Mousse smeared over it. The Layer above this is coated with Caramel Creme Broulee and topped with more Chocolate Mousse and finally set with the top-most layer of Chocolate sponge. Finishing this delicacy by icing the smoothest Santo Domingo’s Chocolate Ganache containing 70% Cocoa , fenced with White Chocolate and princely garnished with Caramel Macarons made originally by Us. Bite into this Ecstasy for a blissful Euphoric Trip !

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