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Collaborative Chef

Chef Pranav Kelkar

"My love for pastry was carefully nurtured through constant exposure to cooking shows and recipe books that complemented our culture. This was the best part, as it allowed me to create my own form of expression through food. If I were to imagine a world without words, I would be more than happy to convey my emotions through food and music."


I'm Pranav Kelkar, a passionate pastry chef graduated from the School of European Pastry. Fascinated by diverse flavors and techniques, I've had the privilege of assisting esteemed chefs worldwide – from the elegance of Potel et Chabot to the charm of Ladurée Maison and the culinary marvels of Wolfgang Puck. My culinary journey began as I perched on my kitchen countertop, watching my mother whip up scrumptious meals from the simplest ingredients. This experience taught me that the most crucial ingredient in cooking is love. These experiences have not only refined my skills but also deepened my appreciation for the cultural influences in pastry. I infuse each creation with a blend of tradition and innovation, crafting unique desserts that tell stories on the palate. Join me in savoring this journey, where every bite narrates a flavorful tale.

Chef Curated

Straight from the heart

Foret Noir

Introducing Foret Noir: Our elevated Black Forest creation by Chef Pranav Kelkar, a chocolatey masterpiece with cherry compote and exquisite garnishes.


Indulge in Demitasse: Chef Pranav Kelkar's coffee masterpiece, layers of coffee bliss and caramel elegance. Order now!


Experience Cacao: A French-inspired masterpiece by Chef Pranav Kelkar, uniting bold chocolate flavors with elegant textures. Order now!

chef's special creation


"Fresh Orange cakes are a seasonal delicacy. Sunshine Cake is one such seasonal delicacy that cake lovers would want to relish before it goes off the shelves from the cake shops. Sunshine from ‘Ovenfresh’ is a new launch this season. Layers of orange curd , vanilla sponge and inhouse orange marmalade, all assembled in a sable tart. Garnished with aquafaba meringue and torched to perfection. It is an eggless cake."

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