Opera 1kg Contains Egg

Rs. 1360

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Final Amount   Rs. 1360

This is a classic French Cake. It's also our signature Cake, all original four layers of almond sponge, two layers each of Italian espresso butter cream and Belgian Chocolate Ganache. This one has very less sugar syrup, the almond joconde sponge makes it a bit heavy but rich in taste and texture. That's why we recommend cutting small pieces and eating very slowly than your usual habit. Excellent taste and mouth feel comes when you thaw this cake for 3 to 5 mins from the fridge (before eating). Our butter cream is made out of Belgian cocoa butter & French unsalted butter and not with vegetable fat.

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Thanks for delivering the cake I had ordered. Those who ate the cake said it tasted excellent. Delivery was made in time. Great jo

March 07 2016


Shaheen Mukadam

Amazing taste delivery on time........just two simple concern.....one is price too expensive second is plz make sure the person wr

November 06 2016


Rohan Ambetkar

Flavor of your products are awesome. I love your taste. Presentation is OK OK . But only one question why you have few cakes on on

February 22 2017

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